DIY Raised Garden Kits You Can Actually Build - Landscaping in Claremont
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Have you always wanted your very own raised garden bed, but thought it would require too much manual labor? Lucky for you, we’ve searched for the easiest garden beds to assemble (if you even have to assemble). Now hurry and go buy all your flowers and veggies, ’cause these raised beds are worth it.

Gated Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kit

Create your own little green sanctuary with this raised garden bed. The enclosed structure is made from a gorgeous cedar lumber with fenced panels and a gate to make sure no uninvited guests enter. A perfect spot to unwind in peace and get your hands dirty.

Elevated Planter Box

Add height and dimension to your outdoor scenery with a planter box high off the ground. The box is roughly waist-high so gardening won’t be a pain (or cause any). The deep box even allows you to plant lanky carrots, while the 8-foot steel trellis adjusts to support any of your strong plants or vegetables.

Fenced-In Raised Box Garden

This raised bed is the perfect solution for growing your garden on the ground but keeping pesky critters out. Spend minimal time assembling and more time nurturing those mouthwatering plants.

Tented Raised Garden Bed

Don’t want to mix your flowers and food? This kit makes TWO raised garden beds out of a high-density, brown polyethylene so you can separate your plants. 

Adaptable Garden Scene

We know you create beautiful floral designs, but why not draw a little more attention to your precise craftsmanship? The frame can be easily constructed in almost any outline you’d like! Just adjust the 2-inch boards to connect in the way you’d like and voila! We can’t wait to see what you think of next!

Rustic Garden Wedge

We imagine vines cascading over the edges of this planter. Raised off the ground, and wheelchair-accessible, the V-shape unit is the perfect height for any backyard. The wedge is 18 inches deep for extensive root systems to grow and flourish. Attach an additional wedge unit with the extension kit to lengthen your garden to 48 inches.

Log Garden Bed

While many raised garden beds are made of wood, it’s rare to see a log base. Create character and incorporate this woodsy structure into your backyard bliss.

Elevated Garden Wicker Bed

Just like at the farmers market, fill your wicker basket with all your healthy finds! This raised black wicker planter doubles as a bold accent piece in your outdoor decor.

Two-Tier Dovetail Raised Beds

Convert a bare corner of your land to a flourishing one, alive with all the greenery you invest in. The separate sections help you arrange your plants more easily. Perfect for even inexperienced gardeners.

Octagon Raised Beds

If you’re not strict about having all your plants in perfectly straight lines and rows, experiment with a raised garden bed in the shape of an octagon. Natural Yards lets you choose the length and height of your beds. You can even center your structure around the base of a tree, crafting a floral tree skirt.

Raised Garden Bed with Trellis Wall

Like your food better if it comes from your own backyard? We do, too. That’s why we love the Gronomics Raised Garden Bed with Trellis Kit so your vegetables can grow out and tall, expanding your production.  

Three-Tier Rustic Bed

raised garden bed

Gronomics really raised the bar with this rustic garden base. The three tiers create ultimate organization dependent on your garden needs, especially if different soils or irrigation is required. Somehow, no tools are needed to assemble!

Patio Planter

We like to call this the patio planter ’cause it’s just the right size for limited spaces, such as an intimate patio area. The weathered cedar panels slide into one unit in a matter of minutes. Yeah, that wins us over.

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