A FUTURE WITHOUT WATER! - Landscaping in Claremont
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It has been headlining news since the beginning of the year that the water crisis has become an exponential concern in the Western Cape. Some are wondering what the future holds for us if the water continues to decrease. Although the government has implemented plans of action to ensure the sustainability of water, it may not be enough to carry out in 2018. What does the future look like for the Western Cape? According to various sources, it has been suggested that if there had been no drought, or severe climate change, possible drought and climate change was to inevitably occur by 2019. However, it begs the question; how did the government not know this was going to occur?

Firstly, according to a recent interview with Rebecca Cameron, she suggests that the Western Cape government have long known about this impending crisis we find ourselves in. In fact, the prediction of the drought and climate change was only expected to occur in 2019, but she admits that the crisis occurred sooner than anyone anticipated. Yet, what does the future hold? It appears that strategies will be enforced in order to ensure that the communities of the Western Cape are well-aware of the potential future dangers of not having sufficient water, but also to encourage strategies so that we can establish a better future.

Cameron states that both sociopolitical and technological transition is required. It is being considered that in order to move forward into the near future, the development of local recycling systems should be implemented. The Western Cape is far from recovery, but we can slow down the process that is rapidly becoming concerning. It is everyone’s mission to educate one another about the water crisis and to find out how we can help each other to save more water every day. To read the interview with Rebecca Cameron, visit http://futurecapetown.com/2017/05/cape-towns-water-crisis-towards-a-more-water-secure-future/#.WblvucgjG00

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